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Providing Over the Top Excellence in Tree Care Services

Experience unparalleled tree care with Over The Top Tree Service LLC. Prioritizing safety and professionalism, we are fully equipped with personal protective equipment and backed by comprehensive licensing and insurance, ensuring your peace of mind.

Professional Tree Services Based in Huntsville, AR, Serving Communities in Northwest Arkansas

Expertise & Experience

Our team’s decade-long personal experience in the tree care industry ensures unparalleled service quality and knowledge.

Commitment to Quality

We prioritize high-quality tree care and treatment, focusing on detailed, expert-level service.

Preventative Care

Our approach includes preventative maintenance, aiming to keep your trees healthy year-round.

Passion for Trees

Our founder’s lifelong love for trees drives our mission to provide the best care and service.

Give Your Trees the VIP Treatment with Our Services!

Transforming Your Landscape with Expert Tree Care

Dealing with tree-related issues can be a significant source of stress and inconvenience, detracting from the enjoyment of your residential outdoor spaces. Recognizing the challenges that come with maintaining healthy, safe, and aesthetically pleasing landscapes, Over The Top Tree Service LLC emerges as a beacon of hope serving residents in Huntsville, AR, and communities of NWA. Our unique edge lies in our founder’s lifelong passion and expert-level knowledge of trees, combined with over 10 years of personal industry experience. This foundation enables us to provide proper tree trimming, care, and preventative maintenance unmatched by competitors. Our array of services is designed to cover all your tree needs. From precision tree removal services, ensuring safety and compliance, to expert tree care and treatment, focusing on the health and longevity of your trees. Our land clearing services prepare your property for new projects, while our emergency tree services offer peace of mind during storm seasons. Each service is executed with the final touches that epitomize our commitment to comprehensive care. Choosing us means opting for a life free from the hassles of tree management. Let us bring our passion and expertise to your doorstep, offering solutions that not only address immediate concerns but also enhance the overall health and beauty of your landscape.

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Imagine a landscape that reflects the beauty and vitality of nature, free from the worries of tree-related issues. Over The Top Tree Service LLC is here to turn that vision into reality. Our tree services are not just about addressing problems; they’re about creating healthier, more beautiful living spaces. With our expert team, led by a founder with a deep-rooted passion for trees and backed by over a decade of personal industry experience, we’re equipped to handle all your tree care needs in Huntsville, AR, and communities in Northwest Arkansas. Prioritizing safety, our professionals are fully equipped with personal protective equipment, ensuring every project is completed with the utmost care and professionalism. As a fully licensed and insured company, we offer peace of mind alongside superior tree care solutions. Whether it’s routine maintenance, emergency tree removal, or specialized tree care and treatment, we’re here to provide the highest quality service. Don’t let tree issues overshadow the beauty of your home. Choose us for reliable, expert tree services that stand out in the industry. Contact us today, and let’s work together to bring out the best in your landscape.

Explore Our Wide Range of Services

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Tree Services

Our team specializes in tree removal services, ensuring safe and efficient removal of unwanted or hazardous trees. We understand the complexities involved in removing trees, especially in tight spaces or close to structures, and employ strategic methods to prevent damage. With our expert tree removal services, we handle everything from cutting down the tree to stump removal, leaving your property clean and clear. Our approach prioritizes safety, efficiency, and minimal disruption to your surroundings.

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Tree Care & Treatment

We provide comprehensive tree care services to maintain the health and vitality of your trees. Our services include regular health assessments, disease treatment, and tailored nutritional plans to ensure your trees thrive. Through our professional tree care services, we aim to enhance the natural beauty of your landscape while extending the life of your trees. Our team employs the latest techniques and treatments in arboriculture to address a variety of tree health issues.

Areas We Serve

We proudly serve Huntsville, AR, and the communities of NWA. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

  • Huntsville, AR

  • Bella Vista, AR

  • Rogers, AR

  • Fayetteville, AR

  • Bentonville, AR

  • Elkins, AR

  • Hindsville, AR

  • Berryville, AR

  • Lowell, AR

  • Springdale, AR

  • Tontitown, AR

  • Shady Grove, AR

  • Spring Valley, AR

  • Little Flock, AR

  • Bethel Heights, AR


What Our Clients Are Saying


Tim Rosenau

Over the Top Tree service recently did a job for me to clear a 60’ x 90’ wooded area on my property in Bentonville, Arkansas. They cleared a significant amount of underbrush, cut down small to medium size trees and trimmed limbs on larger trees. They did a great job and finished quickly. I was pleased with their work and highly recommend them.

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ManVan Ross

Trey and his crew were highly professional and hard working. They earned every dollar removing 2 trees, one right next to my propane tank. I’ll use Over The Top in the future without hesitation.

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Sheri Gay

Over The Top Tree Service gets the job done! Trey and his crew did an amazing job tackling our tree trimming, pruning, removal, planting and clearing on my Mom’s property in Huntsville. Trey was very professional and took care of trees that had not been trimmed in 20+ years. Several trees had issues that Trey made efforts to save and he planted two beautiful Pin Oaks in memory of my brother and sister. We were very impressed with Treys work ethic and high standard and quality of work. He removed all of the debris and left the property looking great!Trey and his crew even repurposed and mulched the cut limbs and we were able to use for flower beds.I would highly recommend Over The Top Tree Service for expert tree removal and care. We will definitely call on them for all of our future needs!

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Holly Points

Trey went out of his way to come give us a same day quote when a tree fell and damaged our fence. He was extremely knowledgeable to help us determine what to do about a couple of other trees we were concerned about, and had his crew out very quickly to deal with them. We thought the pricing was extremely fair, and they were thorough and professional while working on our yard.

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Usha Pawar

They did a great job with removing a tree in my backyard and grinding tree stump. They were on time, reasonable price, cleaned all the area. Highly recommend!

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Kim Huddleston

The guys did a wonderful job taking down a dead tree in my backyard. Cleaned up the area nicely, too!

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Mark Eaton

Excellent service. Trey and his crew removed two large trees and trimmed two. They were professional, and when they were done, the yard looked like it had been swept. If you’re looking for professional tree service, you don’t have to look any further.

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Brad Tom

Trey and his crew did a great job removing an unwanted tree. They were professional, courteous, and worked quickly but safely. I will definitely call Over The Top for my next project.

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Kim Watkins

We were very impressed with Trey and his crew at Over the Top. We had a 36” diameter big Oak close to our house. We needed removed since it was too close to house and we are also building a shop there. Trey and his crew were prompt, professional and courteous. When asked to ‘add in’ another tree while here, they took it down too. We will be using their services again in future and would definitely recommend them.

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Lana Nichole

We have a big old oak on our property that was struck by lightening. Trey and his crew cut off the dead limbs, treated the tree to keep the bugs away, and hauled off all the wood so we didn’t have to worry with it. Now we have good hope that the tree will survive many more years! Great service, very knowledgeable. We will definitely be using him again!

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Terry S

I had a Hickory tree removed and a Bradford Pear trimmed down. From start to finish, Over the Top Tree Service was super easy to work with and the quality of work was just fantastic. They cleaned up the leaves afterwards. They are professional and I highly recommend their services.

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Deborah Upton

Such large trees! I have been concerned about having these trees hanging over my house in case we have ice storms this winter. Thank you so much for the great work!

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